Classic Car


Classic Car


Branding, Web Design, Web Development, UI Design, UX Design, IP telephony integration, 1000s dealers integrated, online sales


php 5.3; mysql 5.6; Yii Framework 1.1 (srbac auth manager); Geo IP library; Twitter API; Facebook API; Google+ API; ClickTale API; DoubleClick API; System to track changes and scrape information from more than a 1000 external inndependance dealers' sites;

IP PBX system based on Asterisk to manage, track and record phone calls; AJAX-based solutions with infinite scrolling, moving pannels, tracking of anchor history; PayPal IPN API




"We came to WDevs to rework our major US website from the ground up a few years ago. Since then they have taken our company to a whole new level. We trust WDevs to always deliver exceptional results on time, and to the most cost-effective budget."
image description has been one of the best resources available online for vintage motor vehicle lovers since 1996. ClassicCar was purchased by Cosmic Media Group in 2011 and since then has worked with WDevs to undergo vast improvements in design and functionality.

Usability was a core concept which came into play when redesigning this website, ensuring that the website was easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to interact with. Overall since the new streamlined design was applied with an addition of WDevs abilities to boost SEO the following ourcomes were reached and delivered to the client:

  • - Visitor numbers have more than doubled (all organic and returning)
  • - Pageviews have more than quadrupled in number
  • - Average Visit Duration has increased singificantly
  • - Bounce rate of the website is significantly reduced
  • - More users than ever before are interacting with forum, calendar, directory and services
  • - Selling cars and managing listings has become simple and easy for customers

The client was happy with WDevs work on the project and we continue to assist them in the future with all their web development, SEO and design needs.

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