DarCart eShop Solutions




Web Development, online sales


PHP, Smarty, MySQL, PayPal, Linkpoint, Authorize.net, 2checkout, Verisign



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DarCart eShop solution was a project created by WDevs as a custom client request. The client desired to have their own ecommerce framework that could be retailed to individuals and businesses to easily enable them to build online stores.

Competitors to this framework include x-Cart and osCommerce. We were excited about building the core framework of an eShop that had the potential to compete with osCommerce and allow easy development and deployment of the eShop for the end user.

This project is a key example of our experience in the area of electronic storefronts.


The framework is fully supported with well-known payment gateways such as PayPal, Linkpoint (now known as the First Data Clobal Gateway Virtual Terminal), Authorize.net, 2checkout, Verisign and more. Each personal eStore owner can select the methods they wish to use on their websites while they are creating their new eShop.

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DarCart works with Smarty templates and it is highly accessible for developers wishing to implement any design. Since all the rights to this solution rest with our client, we are unable to provide a demonstration of the eShops created on the DarCart base or show examples of the implemented websites here on our own website portfolio.

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Even though the majority of online stores use the generic features of DarCart, there are sometimes custom requests for unique features to be implemented by the developers. The standard features of the framework include the ability for the user to add product descriptions, titles, prices and images. More advanced features that could be implemented after customisation include tracking online sales to resellers, abilities to control group or bulk discounts or capabilities for the user to pay the final sale amount on an installment basis. The possibilities are endless with DarCart.