Form Tracking System



Branding, Web Design, Web Development, UI Design, UX Design; Rapid forms building, Interactive dynamic content


PHP, Smarty, MySQL, JS, JQuery


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The client came to us for this project with the desire to build a unique online form building web system which allows clients to create different web forms on-the-go. Primarily the target market of this service was law firms, and the system needed to allow for large and complex data sets to be easily managed by their employees. Tracking in the form of smart filters and graphs to collate the data was also a major requirement.

The idea of this form tracking system is to provide law firms with the ability to create inquiry forms easily, whilst also handling the data that come from the attorneys who fill in the form. The form can be placed as a widget on any site to be used as a contact or questioning form.

This project is a very good example of a project dealing with dynamic content building.


The administrator can set up new clients, who are charged a small fee on a monthly basis for use of the service. Clients can create as many forms as they need in the network of one account. Furthermore, clients can create forms that are like complex questionnaires where the forms appears one-by- one, with the resultant data in the form of a long table with information collected from multiple forms.


Clients can also set up attorneys and allow them to manage some forms. Using form builder, client can change the "skin" (visual interface) of the form. While Form Builder only allows change to the surface features, an experienced CSS user will have unlimited possibilities with form skinning by modifying just one CSS file. This sort of flexibility and efficiency that the user gets is unmatched and makes this work special.


The following screens are a basic walkthrough of just a few of the features of this web system.

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Form Overview

All forms are arranged by groups, allowing the administrator an easy to navigate structure when the content becomes complex.

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Form Structure

All forms are editable by the admin member. All elements have a number of properties, and it is very easy to add or delete features as well as modify the parameters of each question. Checkboxes, dropdown boxes, buttons, text fields and radio buttons are all included in the basic version.

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User Management

Administrators can add, edit and remove system users from the system simply and easily.

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Editable CSS

Admin members can access the form CSS to change code as they wish. This could include design, layout, custom fonts or anyhting the user desires.

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Once the results are in, its easy to see the results in the reporting section. Users can select to view their data as graphs or charts depending on their requirements.