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Algorithm of grabbing products from more than 1000 popular eshops;


php 5.3; mysql 5.6; Yii Framework 1.1 (srbac auth manager); Geo IP library; Twitter API; Google Oauth API; Facebook API; Sphinx Search; Integrated Wordpress Blog; HTML5 charts; MongoDb for logging all site events




"WDevs delivered outstanding results for our complex and unique system. Thank you for your hard work and dedication."
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I. Goal Of The Project

Our client's aim has been the development of a sub-affiliate system (hereinafter HaveYouSeen), that would allow to get a percentage of sales in the online stores, participating in various affiliate networks. HaveYouSeen has been expected to contain a set of accounts for various affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, Amazon.co.uk, Trade Doubler, Webgains, Linkshare and others. Each of the affiliate networks works with hundreds of popular online stores. Thus, HaveYouSeen is an electronic catalog, which is formed by users of thousands of the most popular online stores. It was found that the following objectives should be achieved to reach this goal successfully:

  • 1. The establishment of HaveYouSeen as a consumer brand that people are familiar with.

  • 2. Gaining trust of the merchants and proving the model to them.

  • 3. Harnessing social media in a practical and useful way that drives revenue.

  • 4. Gaining trust from the affiliate networks so they are happy to work with us.

II. Project Requirements
  • 1. To develop a convenient and easy-to-use catalog.

  • 2. To develop a set of tools that will allow users to add products to the catalog in manual, semi-automatic and even automatic modes.

  • 3. To allow easy sharing of added products in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • 4. To provide users with the ability to track end-to-end sales (in store, on transitions with the added products into the catalog).

  • 5. To include at an early stage the functionality of localization of the site for working with the UK and US users, as well as to predict the possibility of expansion to other regions.

III. Application Solutions & Technologies

To solve the tasks, the following tools have been selected:

  • Yii Framework suited perfectly for the implementation of the controller, the business logic and data representation templates.

    • The roles were implemented and the access to the system was distributed using the components of Yii Framework system.

    • Registration and authorization in the site have been integrated with social networks Twitter, Google and Facebook using technology OAuth.

    • Theming of localization was organized using standard components and Geo IP libraries.

    • Standard components, allowing to build schedules based on html5, were used to visualize statistics.

    • The system of regular expressions was used to automate the addition of products in the catalog system.

  • MySQL allowed to reflect the conceptual data model describing capabilities of the system, in a relational database.

  • MongoDB NoSQL Database was used to work with large amounts of unrelated data, such as the logging of system events.

  • Wordpress Blog has been selected and integrated into the system for publishing news and reviews.

  • Sphinx Search Engine allowed to make the full-text catalog search fast.

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