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Branding, Web Design, Web Development, UI Design, UX Design, iOS development, Android development; Online sales, Social networks integration


Web: php; mysql; ExtJs (control panel presented as a web desktop); Zend framework; Yahoofinance API; Twitter API; Facebook API; iPhone's APNS Push Messages; Android's GCM Push Messages; Geo IP library

iOS: yos-social-objc; google-auth; PayPal; fmdb; GoogleAnalyticsSDK; ShareKit; CoreTelephony; EventKitUI; EventKit; Twitter; CoreLocation; Security; CoreMedia; CoreVideo; AddressBook; MessageUI; QuartzCore; SystemConfiguration; MobileCoreServices; CFNetwork; CoreGraphics

Android: HttpClient, JSON, GCM, FlurryAgent, PayPal MPL, ACRA, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


iOS, Android


"Creating our business app from start to finish, WDevs did a great job. It looks good and functions wonderfully too."
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I. Goal Of The Project

Our client’s aim was to find the solutions to help businesses profit from the orders, which, for some reasons, the business was forced to refuse. The idea was to develop an application that would allow to organize a network of recommendations (the ReferTo) on mobile iOS and Android platforms.

The application had to allow to forward orders, which business was forced to refuse from, to other performers easily, receiving for provided orders wanted commission / remuneration. Friends, social networks and even competing organizations that are ready to take up the execution of the orders by paying the wanted Commission, could become other performers. Business ReferTo idea is that to draw interest from the paid rewards.

II. Project Requirements
  • 1. The development of an application that is identical to iOS and Android, which will allow to send orders to your friends and to take the work from friends conveniently.

  • 2. The development of Application Programming Interface for adverse communication of the application with the server.

  • 3. The application must be fully synchronized with the server, for a complete data recovery in case of damage of the application, or installation of it on another device.

  • 4. The application must be multi-local and multi-lingual.

  • 5. In addition to the API, on the server side, a web interface has to be developed to manage the business as a whole. There should be a full control over the payments, orders, users, as well as a complete set of all possible statistics.

III. Application Solutions & Technologies

To solve these tasks the following tools have been selected :

  • Zend Framework - to implement the MVC model.

    • Using the capabilities of Zend Framework, two main modules have been developed. One module - for the API. The second module - for the control panel.

    • Using the Library Zend Framework, the opportunity to place orders in social networks was realized.

    • The feedback with the application on mobile devices was made by using APNS Push Messages and GCM Push Messages.

    • The ability to send out orders, even if the devices are not installed has been implemented by using Clicktell's SMS Gateway.

    • The localization of users was implemented with a library of Geo IP.

  • MySQL allowed to reflect the conceptual data model that describes the capabilities of the system, in a relational database.

  • Ext Js Web Desktop for implementing the user interface of business management.

  • PayPal with Delayed Chained Payments to make payments directly from mobile phones, with a delay of payments until the test of the administration.

  • MongoDB NoSQL Database has been selected for logging user activity.

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