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ShoutOut Radio


Branding, UI Design, UX Design, Work with music (encoding/decoding, identification, digital signal processing), Web Design, iOS Application Development, Amazon EC2, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon RDS, Social Networks integration, DataBase Management (replication, load-balancing, sharding), Device - Server API, Security.


iOS Client: iOS SDK (frameworks: CoreMediaм, AudioToolbox, AddressBook, MediaPlayer, AVFoundation, Twitter, QuartzCore, CoreGraphics, MessageUI)
 sqlite, ffmpeg, FacebookSDK, TestFlight, Crashlystics

Server side: Zend, YII, MongoDB, Gearman Workers, PubNub notifications, Amazon S3, JQuery plugins, Simple XML, JSON, HTML5, Echonest Api, Facebook Api, Vkontakte Api, LastFM api, IPinfodb Api


Apple, Android


"I’ve been developing and building apps for 8 years. I have a day job, but hack all night. Although I have the title of Founder, I’m lucky enough to have had the brilliant development help of Ivon and Sergey."
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This Facebook-based social network, “Shout Out Radio” allows music sharing amongst its members. The mobile application uses iPhone’s microphone to gather a sample of music being played, this identifies an acoustic fingerprint created based on the sample and compares with the central fingerprint’s database for a match.

The song information is displayed to the user if a match is found. The database uses the world’s largest music encyclopedia. There are more than 500,000 songs in the collection, and members can interact with the shared music in many of the same ways that they can do on Facebook such as ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. The users are able to setup their own radio based on the songs they love and the songs recommended to them by the system.

The product uses Amazon S3 for storage and EC2 to operate; MongoDB and Tokio Cabinets are used for storing the music. This project featured on Kickstarter but unfortunately it was not able to reach its target to gain further expansion into the marketplace at this time.

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