Squishy Fruit App


CMG Labs


Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile development, UI Design, UX Design, Statistic gathering, Game play polishing using users feedback analytics; Social networks integration; Facebook application


Mobile part: LUA under Corona framework; Texture Packer; Sprite Helper; Flurry
Server side: php; mysql; ExtJs (control panel presented as a web desktop); Zend framework; Yahoofinance API; Twitter API; Facebook API; iPhone's APNS Push Messages; Android's GCM Push Messages; Geo IP library; Yahoofinance API


iOS, Android


“It was such a pleasure working with WDevs to complete this project. We were very impressed with your hard work, attention to detail and professionalism. Thank you”
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Squishy Fruit is a game designed and developed by the team at WDevs for CMG Labs. The aim of the game is to squishy fruit, worms and flies before the time runs out. The game includes two player modes, a multitude of fruity characters, 5 maps and 30+ levels for your enjoyment.

The game was developed cross-platform and can be played on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Android smartphones. This is a subdivsion of WDevs aimed at housing all of our gaming and plugin modules.

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